23 Countdown Stories #09 Gentur Suria

23 Countdown Stories #09 Gentur Suria
Tanggal : 23 September – 13 Oktober 2018
Tempat : Villa Rumah 23, Bali

“I Promise You Eternity”

  • At Pool Area
  • Performance Art
  • Scenography by Ridwan Rudianto and Marlowe Bandem

‘Surat Balasan”

  • At Room C
  • A letter of Gentur Suria from Cata ODdata, showcasing the works of Brodking, Chaos non Musica, Ican Harem, Ones, Succoth, Swoofone and XUF (Alphabetical Order)

“Small Happiness”

  • At Room D – Exhibitiona nd Pop Up Store of seen / unseen artworks of Gentur Suria

“Legacies from uncle”

  • At Studio – Come and feel Gentur Suria’s work Space / Apartment and Past Works at Rumah Dua Tiga

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